> About us
Forus Group is a Leader in Global Steel Sourcing and Trading.
Forus Group is a globally intergrated enterprise with the headquarter in HONG KONG (Hong Kong Forus
LTD,2010) and branches in China (Shanghai Forus Metal Materials LTD.) and Australia (Forus Australia PTY
We are committed to suppliying premium steel product, metal package manufacturing equipments and steel
processing equipments worldwide.

Flexibility, innovation, collaboration and communication underpin Forus's principal imperative, which is
providing One-stop customized service to our customers globally.

Strategic partnership with World leading manufacturers and service providers shapes our competitive
advantage in supplying best quality product and service to our customers.
Focus on ourselves
* We value our employees. The professionalism and dedication of our employees are the
bedrock of supreme service of Forus Group

* Years of industry experience and expertise allow our team to deliver quality and cost
benefit to our customers.

* We encourage our employees to practice professional development, constantly refresh
and upgrade the knowledge base.

* We care about our team's motivation and well-being.
Focus on our customers and partners
* Forus cares about our partners, we focus on building long-term effective relationship
with our customers, manufacturers and value-added service providers.

* Forus cares about your success, we understand that only win-win partnership could
have a sustainable development.

* Forus offers one-stop customized service to all of our clients, our professional team
constantly monitors the market trend and innovation, facilitating our customers to make
the most suitable choice for their business.
Focus on our world
* Treat The Earth like home. We truly believe that "No Man is an Island entire to itself;
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" (John Donne)

* We are aware of our social responsibility. We have been dedicating ourselves to the
improvement of education opportunities of disadvantaged children globally.

* We work for the environmentally sustainable future of our World. Steel product is an
environmentally friendly and fully recyclable material. Promoting steel packaging - it's
our way to reduce our footprint on the Earth.